Infinity Tuesday

Down on Paradise Beach, Donny Moonshot looked into the clear blue waters of  Equilibrium Bay.  His sunbleached white hair whispered easily in the warm evening wind.  His tanned face smiled, as he whistled a  golfing melody.

He always came here on Infinity Tuesday, after visiting the old folks in Amnesia Towers.  Their eager faces were still smiling now, long after Donny had left them, like eager children waiting for the HappyTown bus.

Infinity Tuesday, as ever for Donny Moonshot, was a reminder of those endless summers of his youth when the Milkshake Girls broke the hearts of young bachelors everywhere with their innocent blend of Dance Pacts and Implant Technology Drives.  The happy memories returned to haunt him now, from the self-styled Summer of Tomorrow.  Early days, better days; before the Hipster Wars and the Garbage Concessions blighted the psyche of the Tranquil Generation.

A gunshot tripped the echo of a daydream, and Donny realised that like all good things, Infinity Tuesday was coming to an end.  He rustled his trouser pockets for his Violator.

As the sun set over Equilibrium Bay his thoughts raced ahead to Friday week, when the circus would arrive.  Maybe this time he would find his Kindly Lady after all. He fingered the buttons of his handset, and started the automobile, pausing to insert a CD.  Jack Demon and The Scuba Gang crooned softly, as Donny pulled out of Paradise Beach forever, passing the remains of the HappyTown bus, rusting in the Dogtown Junkyard, like the empty dreams of a Hollywood Christ.