Learn Welsh Fast With Cadw Swn

Learn Welsh Fast With Cadw Swn

Book Cover: Learn Welsh Fast With Cadw Swn
Editions:Paperback: £ 39.95
ISBN: 0954262719
Pages: 116

Cadw Swn is a complete Welsh course for adults which teaches Welsh as it is spoken in South Wales. It's suitable for complete beginners or as a revision aid.

The course uses music and stories to ease and speed the learning process, and covers all the major tenses in an entertaining and pleasurable way. Some grammar is explained along the way, but only for those with an interest. Each lesson contains an episode of a story, printed side-by-side in both Welsh and English, so that the vocabulary is always to hand. The stories follow the lives of the inhabitants of Aberarthur, a sleepy Welsh village in the South.

A printed course book contains 20 full lessons, and the accompanying disc contains 10 CDs worth of audio.


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